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August 24, 2009
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The Solar Circle by TheBourgyman The Solar Circle by TheBourgyman
Commission #1 ordered by ~Lavertue! It is depicting his and his friends' characters from the role playing game Exalted. They are, from left to right: Saule, Vérité, Gentille, Nuage and Ardent.

I think it's one of my most complex picture in a while. I haven't worked on characters with such a complex design in some time now. =P

Time taken: about 12 hours in Adobe Photoshop CS4.
All characters belong to :iconlavertue:, :iconlika-siruka: and :iconsoji-chan:!

:pointr: Click here for commission information!
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This makes me super nervous to critique an artist as great as you! :lol: If anything, I look up to you! But I will do my best...^^;

You have an amazing collection of characters here (Even if they aren't yours. :giggle: ). The clothes are all designed nicely, the colors are smooth, and the lighting is well done, being very natural instead of blinding or distracting (A common mistake I make. Haha!)

The only thing I really notice is the woman with her arms crossed...It took me a moment to see this, but I think her arms may be a little too high. I folded my own arms to double check, and it seems they should rest under the torso more. It could just be me, I'm not sure! =P But I wanted to bring it up and see if you see it too.

Just an opinion out here, not necessarily needed...I would have thrown some bones or other small items littering the floor a bit, or maybe some small blood stains. :lol: This IS a commission though, so I don't know specifically what your customer wanted.

But seriously, this is an amazing piece. :love: I always adore looking through your gallery (Though I should be commenting more. Sorry!) and it's a pleasure to see what you put up for us. :) Wonderful work, and keep it up! :hug:
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*takes deep long breathe*

The way you have made the characters so, "alive: is what strikes me, jaw dropping flawlessness! The costumes where the second thing i noticed, my eyes danced all over the place!

from left: The guy with the sword, lol his grin makes him look devilish.. and sinister! But the sword he is holding makes him also look like a thief for some reason..

the girl with the blonde hair, she reminds me of princess peach =P lol! I loved her pose, and the little ? sends out a message she is clueless and oblivious to whats going on haha! But her design of clothes got my attention, very cute!

The girl in the middle, ahh she is obviously the teams leader! she looks so damn confident in that killer pose! Her costume is really creative too! and whats that she has hanging on her side? a cage of some sort? hmm maybe she keeps stuff in there or just likes cages :XD: the daggers she has takes me back to Zelda, yknow the gerudos? yup..and her dress/costume makes me feel like shes from a greek background..cos i dunno, just the way the clothes drapes to the sides :)

The girl with brown hair, heee.. her expression is like "yeah whatever" :XD: i like her outfit too! She reminds me of a native american indian girl :) either that or aztec.. she looks liek she is bored, or just wana get soem action, her pose says it all! She looks like she is gazing at the lights, either that or at the princess looking girl, "gawd you are such a blonde" sorta thing.. :P No weapon on her.. so she looks docile?

The guy on the right corner.. he is a pirate is he not? sure looks like one, his sword, and costume screams out.. REBEL! :lol: reminds me of pirates of the carabian heee heee.. i like his pose, he is looking at the girl in the middle.. oooooh he must have a crush on her, or is weary about her, (cos she is confident and looks like she will not take no for an answer) so maybe the guy has feelings for her, but his expression seems confused, so yea.. but also, seems like he is looking at the first guy on the left.. i dunno >_>;
but he seems like a good guy :nod:

The shading, and lighting effects are amazing! I loved the lights on the walls, very mysterious and dungeony :XD: oooh.. the whole concept is like, they just got to the camera at a dead end.. pit stop.. SAY CHEESE! :D

Excellent work Bourgy san!

:+fav: and sorry for the long critique, cant see anythign wrong with it... :/ but i thought id just state my opinion :)
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amyluv3 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
TheSuperMarioZ Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
...I have also added you 4 my Watch
TheSuperMarioZ Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
Cool!! I liked it, although I don't know where are they
What series/game are they?
TheBourgyman Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
It's from a table RPG called Exalted.
Captain-Paulo Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bealzabuth Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2009
SOLARS FTW!!?! *Falls over*

First time I've ever really seen Exalted art on here. Very nice!
joshyartist Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2009  Student Digital Artist
i'm enjoying the textures here, very nicely done. the bricks, stone floor. the characters themselves seem all a bit weird but i haven't played Exalted so...
Tsunderelightning Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2009
Oh, this is excellent. These are Solars with personality.

Exalted is one of my favorite adventure games, and it's good to see such good fanart.
Wolffield Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2009  Student General Artist
I wish you would make some tutorials or WIP of your work, I'd love to learn this way of digital art, any useful websites or other things to learn this? Anyway this looks great!
TheBourgyman Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Maybe I'll take some time to do tutorials in the future. ;)

In the meanwhile I'm pretty sure other artists in here on DA have made very useful tutorials. If you search DA with key words such as "tutorial" and "digital", you might find something interesting!
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