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Fan-based relationships, pt. 1 by TheBourgyman Fan-based relationships, pt. 1 by TheBourgyman
Man, I'm such a frantic fanboy.

Awww, couples. You simply can't avoid them when your an avid Mario fan in search of fanfics/fan comics. And if you're like me, searching for every piece of Mario stuff in the four corners of the internetz, you'll also notice that pretty much every fan coupling combination has been made, can it be straight, or, erm, yaoi/yuri (gay/lesbian). Here's some couples that particularly caught my attention (let's stick with the 'straight' fan coupling right now).


The Bourgyman's level of approval: :iconohjoyplz:

First introduced in Mario Tennis, then hinted in Melee, and reinforced in Mario Kart Wii, the Luigi & Daisy pairing is one of the favourites in the Mario fanbase. It's also very interesting to see how such diametrically-opposed characters can work out as a potential couple (Daisy's loud and tomboyish, Luigi's shy and a bit of a coward at times).

The work of *saiiko and *nintendrawer is probably amongst the most widely known on deviantART when it comes to this pairing.

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We don't see much pairing including Wario. At first it seems like a weird idea to throw him into a relationship with another character, but the Wario x Mona thing seem to work alright. They've got the same interests (money, that is), and they work with the same goal in mind (in MicroGame$ at least). Sure, there seems to have an important age gap between those two, but it doesn't seem to be much of a bother, not to me at least.

~LoveandCake is by far the biggest supporter of this pairing I've seen yet on DA.

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Introduced at the same time as Daisy was reintroduced in Mario Tennis, Waluigi grew as being the rival of Luigi (speaking of it, when will we see a real Luigi vs. Waluigi confrontation in a game? That Game & Watch thing was rubbish), which probably spreaded as far as both fighting to get Daisy (at least that's what I suppose). Waluigi is said to have a crush on Daisy, but is it reciprocious? That seems unlikely to me. They don't appear to be fitting together, and that's for the best, in my opinion.

Lots of peeps support this couple, but none that particularly struck me.

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NO. Just NO. It's not because you throw in a (single) feminine version of a mainly male species that you have to mate him with the leader of said species! Plus, there is a lot of speculation that says that Toad and Toadette are actually SIBLINGS. Either supporters of this couple are unaware of this fact, or they're just a bit too eccentric in their pairing habits. That makes me wonder why Nintendo did create only one single unit of feminine Toad. Paper Mario DID include other female Toads, why the main Mario games don't? I mean, Toadette's no Smurfette! Or is she?


That's it, enjoy! I know I forgot some obvious pairings, but they're for the next time! :evillaugh:

Comments disabled because I don't need to know people's opinion on the subject. This whole thing is purely for the ARTZ and the LULZ, so don't take it too seriously please! :)

All the characters above belong to Nintendo!

(This image is the first of a two-part illustration series. To see the second image, go HERE.)
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July 28, 2008
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